A Thousand Broken Promises


I’ll feed you a thousand kisses

I’ll grant you a thousand lies

I’ll forgive you a thousand sins

A thousand broken promises


Said I, said I, I’d never hurt you

I know I said, I know I said,

I’d never leave you alone again

Yet here we stand, here we stand 

Broken promises,

A thousand, a thousand broken promises.


Weave your webs around me

Capture me in your spell

Trouble me at night with

Those hexes you cast so well


I lay next to you, girl

Heard rhythms in your blood

Tried to understand you

How you should be understood


I know no good would come of this

What were we thinking?

Now it seems you're a mermaid

I'm a sailor who's sinking...



Half a World Away



I’m half a world away

I’m here by your side

I know I’m half a world away

But I’m here by your side


Baby I know I’ve been away

Memory starts to fade

Feels like a lifetime

Since I’ve seen your face


I’m gonna take you out

And you know I’ll treat you right  (now)

Said I’ll never.... leave your side

Baby I’ll never leave your side


Different seasons, different reasons

Day by day goes by

We’re living on the same damn planet

Under different skies


You’re a picture on a screen

Just pixels in my dream.